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A Short History and the Problems

By putting a security bar across your door you make it between very difficult to impossible for any force to make entry into your property. Almost everyone knows that. The security bar could be the very first and best lock ever made for a door. Most people know that already too. What else they may know is that putting a bar across your door is sometimes difficult and always an extra step that takes a bit of time, you reach over, grab the bar, lift it up and put it in the brackets right? Then maybe you adjust it a bit. Now, all safe! Or maybe it swings up or down so you lift it up or pull it down. Then maybe you adjust it a bit. Now, again, all safe! When you leave, lift the bar up, move it to where you keep it and set the bar down again or put it up out of the way somehow so that it is ready for the next time it is used.

The problem is, common security bars are not on the door when nobody is home which is the other very best time for your door to be barred besides, of course, the times when you are there.

The problem is, people would rather not ever touch their security bar unless it was absolutely necessary. Not because of the feel, weight, effort and time spent putting on, or putting up a security bar but because you can find something else to do with that time. So having a security bar should be about security, convenience, and saving time.

The problem is, what if someone had to get the bar on or off of the door quickly and easily in an extreme emergency?

The problem is, well, security bars need a make-over.


The Solutions

The cachebar is a Patent Pending design.The reason for this bar design make-over is that crime is a present danger for all of us no matter where we live, our age, or for any other consideration. There is something precious behind every door that is for sure. The difference between those who experience violent crimes behind their doors, and those who do not, will often be due to the deterents present. The cachebar stays on your door and is hinged so it moves with your door during opening and closing. When the door is closed the bolt can be slid into the receiver to lock the cachebar using the cachebar remote control key fob from inside or out. Also, the cachebar can be locked or unlocked instantly by hand from inside using the handle. The cachebar will also unlock from the outside using your deadbolt key. What that means to you is, door barring action that is fast, sure and convenient from inside or out, whether you are at home or away, and that keeps you and yours reliably safe!

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